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Tanya: Principal (English Speech and Drama)

“Every child should believe in themselves”

Being a mother has taught her that every child needs someone to believe the best in them.

Having been a Speech and Drama teacher since 2002, Tanya has a rich teaching experience under her belt, grooming children of age ranging from 3 to 17. She is spontaneous and is able to cater to the different learning needs of her students. Tanya always prides herself as one who moulds the hearts and minds of students through Speech and Drama, enabling them to believe in their own abilities and strengths.

She is a trained instructor for Learning Style Analysis (LSA), Oral Communications and Motivation programmes. She is also a certified trainer under the London Academy Of Dramatic Arts and holds a Diploma in TESOL.

Chin Fern: Principal (English Speech and Drama)
“Opening a world of possibilities to our children through drama”

Fern is blessed with three beautiful lively daughters. She finds great fulfilment being an involved mother, extending her love and patience to nurture every child.

Having taught Speech and Drama since 2007, she believes that drama allows us to explore different aspects of ourselves. For that, she aspires to pass on that wild wonder of possibilities, creativity and imagination to the children she teaches.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science with Second Class Honours, Fern wentto pursue her passion in Speech and Drama. She is awarded Distinction in Grade 6 Speech and Drama Examination by the Trinity Guildhall, and completed her TESOL diploma with grade A Distinction.

Hui Shan: Principal (Mandarin Speech and Drama)
“A great teacher learns as much from her students as they do from her.”

After every lesson, Hui Shan is always amazed how much the children learn and every teaching moment never fails to bring new experience and wonder. She is convinced that teaching Speech and Drama fills her with joy and aims to hone her skills to be the best Mandarin Speech and Drama teacher she can be!

Hui Shan graduated from Taipei Hwa Kang Arts School majoring in the Performing Arts. In Taiwan, she performed as a stage actress and has worked with the Children’s Theatre. Embarking her career in Singapore since 2012, Hui Shan has been teaching Speech and Drama and has never looked back.


这是慧珊在教学生涯中秉持的信念,当她带着满满能量进入课堂时,课后孩子们给她的回馈总让她惊喜。她更确信她选择的职业是正确的, 更热爱这样的氛围和享受这样的环境!

她来自美丽的宝岛台湾,毕业于台北华冈艺术学校-表演艺术。担任过舞台剧演员和儿童剧团表演者。在新加坡从事华文戏剧表演课程已有 8 年经验。

Cui Meng (Dora): Principal (Mandarin Speech

and Drama)

“Provide your child a stage to perform and watch him transform into

the next William Shakespeare!”

In 2012, Cui Meng started teaching young children Mandarin Speech and Drama. This opened the door to a brand-new world for her; never did she expect teaching drama can be so interesting. Seeing the sparkle in the children’s eyes fills her heart with joy and fulfilment, motivating her to improve her teaching techniques and skills.

Cui Meng graduated from Luoyang Normal University majoring in Music Performance. She started her career as a music and Chinese teacher in the elementary, middle and high school, and has been in the education sector since.


崔梦 (Dora) 原本是华文补习老师,2012年,在珊珊老师的引荐下,她加入了华文戏剧表演课程,有趣的教学模式,彷佛为她打开了新世界大门,不断地去努力和尝试,在孩子们的眼中看到快乐,也在自己的心中领会到幸福和满足。她愿意做孩子王,保持童心,和孩子们一起成长。



Our Trainers' Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoy and derive great fulfilment working at PlayTime Theatre. As someone who teaches in several centres together with other PlayTime instructors, I hear great praises of their work from their own students. This makes me thrilled to see how much the students are excited to attend Speech and Drama classes!

~ Victoria ~
English Speech and Drama, Trainer

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